No IP, Gateway or DNS

Cross posting from the Sierra Forum as I’d like to resolve this issue ASAP.

Can you try other sim card to isolate if this is sim card dependent


I don’t think it’s SIM card dependent as it went away after a hard reboot.

Have you tried using manual mode of at+cops to set to particular operator?

No I haven’t but ideally I’m looking for a solution that would allow this to be recoverable via our apps without a hardware reboot. Any thoughts as to the cause of this?

You need to capture qualcomm network log and ask distributor to help in order to know root cause.

Btw, are you using latest fw?

I am using Legato 19.02.0 with SWI9X15Y_07.13.07.00_00_GENERIC_001.040_000.spk.

Can the qualcomm network log be done after the fact by Sierra Customer support?

You need to contact distributor to get sierra support.

Btw, if you manually set +cops, this can isolate if problem comes from switching network.