Mqtt broker and client?

Hi all!
I’m new on this mangOH system and I have to create a MQTT communication.
I want to use as broker MOSQUITTO MQTT and as client I know that there are many options:

  1. Paho library
  2. MQTT client folder that is included in mangOH github project:

I installed Mosquitto on my ubuntu VM. Can anyone explain to me how to enstabilish a connection between mosquitto mqtt and the client? Which is simpliest to use, paho or mqttClient?

Another question: I activated my device on AirVantage: can AirVantage be used as broker?

Is there any tutorial?

here says local broker is OK:

I compiled and updated on the board the .update of your mangOH2-7-19 going into apps/MqttClient.
I see that the app is running. How can I do to know if all work fine? Are there examples that I can implement with my mangOH green?

I see this log:

I don’t see any mqttClientService related log…

I did the logread whith app start mqttClient…

maybe it is waiting for the mqttClientService

After some minutes…

I think you need to debug by yourself…
You can write some debug message on the component_init() and see what happens

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