Mosquitto+AirVatage+MqttClient on mangOH Green with wp7607?

Hi :grinning:
I’m working for the first time with mangOH green.
I am having a little difficulty in understanding how communication with Mosquitto MQTT broker works. In particular, I did not understand how to send messages and especially how to program and put together the three elements:

  • Mosquitto
  • MqttClient based on Paho
  • AirVantage (which could be used as a broker?).
    Could you by any chance be kind enough to explain to me how these elements interact with each other? Have I to work in the paho-based folder?

I installed Mosquitto on my virtual machine, I also made some small pub / sub applications, but I really don’t know how to use it in a larger project. I also registered my mangOH device on AirVantage. I would also be very happy if you knew of any tutorials. Thank you very much for your attention and again sorry for the inconvenience.