modemService fails to start

Hello everyone,

I installed Legato on an AR7 including the eCall service (make ar7 INCLUDE_ECALL=1) and the hello world app works fine.
But when I want to start the modemService (which should be running by starting legato, but it doesn’t) with the command “app start modemService” there comes an error that the ecall cannot be initialized, but I didn’t start an eCall. I wanted to start the modemService app to make voice calls and send SMS messages. And over the AT Commands I can make calls and send and receive SMS messages.
Here is the logread when I run the “app start modemService” command: [attachment=0]modemService fail.txt[/attachment]

I don’t know what I did wrong. When I install Legato without the eCall service (make ar7) everything works fine.

Can someone help me with this issue?


Hi Daniel,

We made an error in the release build for 14.10 which is why you are seeing the error below. It’s been fixed and pushed to github. Can you try pulling the latest changes and install Legato again including the eCall service?

Thank you,