Debug app in terminal after uploading from legato to device

hi there ,

i’ve loaded my apps on the device using legato_vscode after that in the terminal if i am checking the app status i am able to see all the apps which has been loaded on the device
for ex: modemService is the app
and i wanted to know few things
1.if sms is one of the functionality of my modem then is it a process under the app modemService
2.if iam running a process in the app using the command runProc [options] then it it is throwing error Invalid Arguments

can you guys please help me run the processes in the app and how to use it ,
after knowing the apps what are the next steps to be followed and the above problem which ive been facing .

for question 1, you can see here:

It is using modem service.

for question 2, you can take the modemDemo application as example on how to use “app runProc”: