/mnt/legato Empty

We just received a unit back from the field that is exhibiting some very strange behavior.

The unit has an empty /mnt/legato directory, here is the log.txt (1.9 MB) The expected version of Legato is in /mnt/flash/legato.

What is also very strange is the unit seems to report registration updates to AirVantage in this state but I can’t explain how.


Any thoughts? I have left the unit in this state incase there is knowledge that can be gained from it. This is the second unit with this issue.

Hello, is the Legato system able to start or not? because, every time you boot, the init scripts will run the start program in /mnt/legato. This program will check to make sure that /mnt/flash/legato (aka /legato) is set up properly before launching /legato/systems/current/bin/supervisor.

No Legato is not able to start at all.

Ok, it’s what I expected … in the logs, I can’t see what it is the cause … you need to fill /mnt/legato by flashing the module again.

Any thoughts as to what may have caused this or how to prevent devices from ending up in this state in the feature?

if the problem is easily reproducible … I can show you how to permanently store the logs in the module (max 100 MB) …