"mkapp" stop working

The app had been installed on wp7702 already before. I updated the .c source code in the development environment, saved it, and tried to re-compile the code by “mkapp -t wp77xx sqlTest.adef”, but the command returned “ninja: no work to do.”

(lsh:wp76_r9_toolchain) mangoh@mangoh-vm:~/Desktop/myWorkspace/sqlTest$ mkapp -t wp77xx sqlTest.adef
ninja: no work to do.

Can you try VSCode ?
Does it work if you compile for WP76?

looks like wp76 didn’t work either

(lsh:wp76_r9_toolchain) mangoh@mangoh-vm:~/Desktop/myWorkspace/sqlTest$ mkapp -t wp76 sqlTest.adef -i “$LEGATO_ROOT/third-party/inc” -L “$LEGATO_ROOT/third-party/lib/sqlite3.so”
** WARNING: Failed to receive sysroot path from compiler ‘gcc --print-sysroot’ (errno: Success).
ninja: error: ‘/home/mangoh/Desktop/myWorkspace/leaf-data/wp76_r9_toolchain/wp76-legato/build/wp76/framework/lib/liblegato.so’, needed by ‘_build_sqlTest/wp76/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_testsqlComp.so’, missing and no known rule to make it

can you try with vscode?
Or try with Developer studio?
seems the path in your PC is not correct…

I’m wondering if it is possible to run wp76 on wp77
Can you link me a tutorial to use Developer studio with my existing legato project?

BTW, what is this error mean(I select a different leaf profile though):

(lsh:p1_red77) mangoh@mangoh-vm:~/Desktop/myWorkspace/sqlTest$ mkapp -t wp77 sqlTest.adef -L “$LEGATO_ROOT/third-party/lib/sqlite3.so”
Bad configuration environment file path ‘/home/mangoh/Desktop/myWorkspace/leaf-data/p1_red77/wp77-legato/build/wp77/config.sh’.

I just simply want to use sqlite3 in my legato project, and sqlite.so has been produced following this post Database Support - #15 by Ankita - mangOH forum, but now fail to compile the code

I don’t think you can run WP76 legato application in WP77.

I think you need to start with a simple helloworld application first before you are trying to compile an application to call sqlite3.so.