mangOH Yellow and WP7702

I just have a mangOH Yellow won at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit in Paris.
The fact is that there is a WP7702 on it. But I didn’t find the “make yellow_wp77xx” in the mangOH project… It’s a pitty ! Do you know when the compatibility between Yellow an WP77XX will appears ?
Best Regards

Hi @razordinoz,

Wp77 and wp76 images are compatible, but I’m not sure if there is even a yellow_wp76xx at the time.
The forum would likely be more helpful in this, especially for target dates and MangOH updates in general.

Hi @CoRfr,
Thank you for your help.

yellow_wp76xxexists, but I didn’t try to build it. I’ll try this. Anyway, the WP76 is quite different from the WP77 as the one is LTE and the second is LTE-M / NB-IOT.

If I build the WP76 image and I have a WP77 what would be not available : LTE connection ?

Software development on the mangOH yellow is in the pretty early stages. The red_wp76xx target in the mangOH makefile depends on some kernel header changes that aren’t yet in a public release of the wp76/wp77 kernel. As @CoRfr said, questions about mangOH (and especially mangOH yellow given it’s in active development) are best for the mangOH forum.