Logging WP7702 strange error repeating

I’m logging to a syslog server operations of WP7702, as you can see in figure there are some actions generating errors. The device seems to start some sort of suspend but it goes bad. This is not on my code, system seems he is tring to do something…

Someone view this errors before?


Do you see this if connecting usb cable?
What ia the actual effect to you?

No… this errors are present only when on field… with USB connected there are no errors of this kind.
On my side i note no effects… device remain responsive… I’m just scared about this errors… but if you think are not important… it’s ok.


How about typing this after power on?

echo NO_SLEEP > /sys/power/wake_lock

Yes… this solved.

Thank you so much.

BTW, you can also see if disabling the HSIC feature can solve the problem: