Legato Framework Installation on Windows 10 fails

I am trying to install Legato Application framework for WP8548. Have already installed Java

java version “1.8.0_161”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_161-b12)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.161-b12, mixed mode, sharing)

The installation fails with the following message,

“Legato Application Development Kit needs Java 8 64-Bit to be installed in order to run correctly”

The version installed apparently has the new version naming convention. I do have a 64Bit windows running.
Any work around this please.

Hi @acsarnaik

Your Java is a 32-bits edition, not a 64-bits one.
Please follow carefully the instructions given at https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/legato_application_development_kit_windows/ to get the 64-bits one.

Hello Daav,

Thanks for the information. I reinstalled it as administrator and that seemed to have resolved the problem. The development studio installed fine.