Legato crashes on incorrect apn credentials

I have been scratching my head over this all morning, turns out the problem was my own doing.

I entered some incorrect apn credentials on a wp77xx running Legato 19.04.0.
cm data auth chap user@host password
Requesting a data connection with ‘cm data connect’ would return LE_FAULT immediately and within 30 seconds or so the device will reset.
From my end this problem is reproducible using stock firmware - both release 9.1 and 11.

Hi @shib,

I remember reading something in the Customer Release Notes regarding an issue with data sessions using authentication.

Refer to: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/release_notes/wp77xx-release-11-customer-release-notes/

Page 15, Known Issues, Bug Id QTI9X07-2387: "With Legato, fail to establish a data session with authentication enabled"


Thanks for that, they don’t go in to much detail, but it could be the same issue.

Thankfully my data sessions are all working fine with authentication - so long as the credentials are correct.