le_atServer_interface.h to call AT commands


We nee to do calls to a AT proprietary commands of an Open AT C application to be read and written just like a serial port was connected between those two apps.

Customer is trying to do use this interface “le_atServer_interface.h” following the sample atServerTest.c here

Using this sample he can see on serial port the unsolicited answers but they don´t get any answer to the register AT commands, neither any error. he only gets the echo.

It´s ok this other approach? if yes, what´s wrong?

Thanks in advance

There is some limitation in the ATServerIntegrationTest application present in 16.10.3. This has been addressed in the latest release of legato 17.10.
However do note there are certain bridge APIs used in the latest application which are not available as part of legato 16.10.3.