Developer Studio SW Legato Repository (16.10.3) doesn't match GitHub repo


I’ve installed the latest package available in Developer Studio (16.10.3.wp85-wp75-native-x86-201705311410) but I noticed it’s not the same as the latest package available from the GitHub repo (Release Legato AF 16.10.3 Release · legatoproject/legato-af · GitHub).

Specifically, I wanted to use the ‘AT Server Bridge’ functionality. This is present in the GitHub repo version but not in the package available via DS.

Also, the latest documentation on makes no mention of the AT Bridge under the AT Commands Server API.

Was this intentional?

Hi @raf

If you have a look to the 16.10.3 tag on Github, the Bridge feature is not there yet:

It is present only on the master branch, which gives you a preview of the latest developments in the framework, but which will only be usable:

  • either by waiting for the next official product release for your hardware
  • or by rebuilding the framework yourself from Github

Packages for DS or legato-spm are tight to the hardware releases, that’s why there are no package yet including the current Github master code.

Thanks for clarifying that, @daav.

I’ve rebuilt the framework rather than waiting for the next release. I imagine that’s some months away from now given the current release was fairly recent.

Hi @raf,

the 16.10.3 was only a maintenance of the existing 16.10 release, so just a bit of bug fixing.
The next Legato release is actually coming up this month.