Issue pinging Sierra FX30

Using Sierra FX30 with an AT&T SIM which we’ve had set up with a static IP address.
On bootup (when the LED light on FX30 turns green), I’m able to PING that static IP address from another computer.

After about 30 seconds, i’m unable to ping that IP address again. (I can actually see the PING timeout after about 30-45 seconds after the LED turns green)

I’m not too familiar with iptables or firewall rules, looking for some help to get my network set up correctly.

You might set the following to shut down the firewall on module:
iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT

Hi there,
Could you please explain how the data session is being started? If you’re using cm data connect, the Legato framework has an inactivity timer in DCS services that is unaware cm has started a session and kills all open sessions.
If you’ve written your own Legato application, ensure you’re using DCS and not MDC api’s to start your session.