Internal thermistor driver

hello All,

I am currently working on WP7104 -G module .

I am trying to analyze temperature sensor code . I went through all the temperature releated files which is provided in legato-af-master document .
I m trying to find out abt the driver which is used for temp monitoring .

le_temp_GetPlatformThresholds gives the pointer wr the temp is stored . but i would like to know abt the driver and how it is interfaced or accessed

I even cecked in the below path :
/sys/bus/platform/devices# cd platform

kindly help me out


It is a serial device that you access here:


Hello Krima,

thanks for the reply …
I followed what u had told and got the following output

root@swi-mdm9x15:/sys/bus/platform/devices/pm8xxx-adc# cat pmic_therm Result:27019 Raw:30805

so the thermal sensor output is 27019???

do we hav to do any calculation for that



Legato is open-source. Have you had a look through the pm8 driver source? If you google qualcomm pm8xx adc /sys pmic-therm there are a number of links to either android source code or discussions about this particular bit of hardware in the Linux kernel.

In particular, scratching through this header file finds the following:

So I would suspect that your [quote]/sys/bus/platform/devices/pm8xxx-adc# cat pmic_therm
Result:27019 Raw:30805[/quote]
indicates that the Die temperature is 27.019 degrees celcius, and the raw ADC reading is 30805 units

ciao, Dave