ADC0 output reading problem

I am read ADC0 in wp7607, i am getting low digital value, as it is 15 bit resolution, giving 1v to ADC pin digital value should be more than 15000, but i am getting 899 from the adc read

It will be great if somebody helps me in resolving this issue

Raghu DM

Hi @RaghuDM,
can you elaborate more your use case , please?
in which platform is embedded your device? which firmware is used? which legato release?
how do you proceed to read the ADC?
Best Regards

If you are using Legato API le_adc_ReadValue() then the result should be in mV:

For all platforms, channels are externally available for general use, and by default use 1.8V reference and return results in mV

Ok, Thanks for your Reply

hi @RaghuDM,
did you solve your issue?

Yes, I solved that issue, Thank you