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I’am testing our product hardware with WP8548-G and legato 16.01.2.

in legato/components/modemServices/platformAdaptor/at/le_pa/pa_adc.c, the function pa_adc_readvalue is not implemented and return LE_FAULT.

I say in pm8xxx-adc driver in not possible to read the ADC 0 & 1 form Linux sysfs.

It is possible to read ADC form at cmd ?

Thanks for your reponse. (It is urgent for my hardware tests).

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I found in the forum the similar topic
[url]Access internal ADC of AR7 on legato - Sierra Wireless Forum.

I try the AT!MADC?5 or AT!MADC?6 commands: The result is ERROR.
I try with number 0 to 5, same result.

My CPU hardware revision is…: SWI9X15Y_07.05.01.00 r30585 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1


looks like your software components are not consistent… if I refer to the release note at … erelease9/. Did you try to reload all these components as described in this page ?

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