I'm getting Error during the build the program

I’m using this version of studio
Developer Studio 5.3.1
Copyright © Sierra Wireless 2009-2018
Build Version
Supported Legato versions: [16.01 - 19.01]

here u can see the error what im getting druing build project,please go through once?
/tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to curl_global_cleanup' /tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to curl_easy_perform’
/tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to curl_global_init' /tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to curl_easy_init’
/tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to curl_easy_strerror' /tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to curl_easy_setopt’
/tmp/build/sam/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/libComponent_samComponent.so: undefined reference to `curl_easy_cleanup’
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
make: *** [target] Error 1
Makefile:37: recipe for target ‘target’ failed
make: Leaving directory ‘D:\likhith\codeexample\sam/Target_Legato_Debug’

Please try to compile the sample application httpget which will also use curl function.


Did you include the curl library in the component definition of your application?

Also, if you are starting with Legato I recommend to start with Leaf and VSCode. There is already a beta plugin for VSCode (altough I am not using it yet). As IDE you can still use Eclipse if you want. But Leaf itslef is a great software for package managment and the future is definitely is that way, please check these links if you are interested:



Sampled application is compiled successfully.

https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/example.html, i take this example code and extract that code, after compiling the example code which was i copied the path, i got the target failed.



I took the 10-at-a-time as example, no problem is found to compile as legato application. curl_example.rar (3.6 MB)
You can use my application here.