Undefined reference to `le_pm_NewWakeupSource'

Also undefined reference to `le_pm_StayAwake’. Using Developer Studio. Pretty clearly a missing library but there does not seem to be any documentation on where it is or how to get Developer Studio to use it. Thanks for any info.

You can try to compile my app in DS.
gpioCf3SSDemo.rar (266.2 KB)

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Hi jyijyi, thanks for the example, one item that I was missing was “api: { le_pm.api }” in the “requires:” section of Component.cdef, adding it results in the inc-gen directory being generated and no build errors.

Now I am getting a funny error when it tries to run,

msguart: symbol lookup error: /lib/libComponent_msgUartComponent.so: undefined symbol: _msgUartComponent_le_pm_ServiceInstanceName

I have “bindings: { msgUart.msgUartComponent.le_pm -> powerMgr.le_pm }” in msgUart.adef similar to your own. Don’t know where this symbol is coming from. Your gpio example runs OK.

Edit: the error above seems to have come from using “msguart” and “msgUart” inconsistently in the .adef (the lower case version is autogenned for the executable), I have made everything consistent i.e. " msguart.msgUartComponent.le_pm -> powerMgr.le_pm" and now it runs.