I2S dummy device for stereo record

Hi all,

For a project I am working on I would like to record a stereo i2s stream (48kHz, 16 bits) from the i2s interface of the WP7502.
Unfortunatally example code only records mono.
Although the legato API example audioPlabackRec.c states le_audio_OpenI2sRx(LE_AUDIO_I2S_STEREO), it only records one channel.

Also I would like the possibility to receive the i2s data through arec.

So hereby a feature request:
Have a dummy device for arec/aplay which can record Stereo, 16 bits, 48kHz i2s sound.

Is this the right place to ask?

With kind regards,


Hi John,
as you noticed the I2S interface of the WP7502 does not support stereo, so we can wonder whether developing an app to support stereo will be relevant while the hardware is not adapted.
anyway, I suggest you raise your request to your commercial channel to have a complete study of that
Best Regards