How to use your Host's internet connection on your WP85 while developing?


I was wondering if it is simple / possible to use your Host’s internet connection while developing instead of using the 3G, while the device is connected via USB? I get very bad reception at my office and it is incapacitating when I need to transmit data while developing. Since the USB connection create a link between <–>, maybe it’s possible to route all WAN traffic through there?

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thank!

Yes you can do it. I assume you want to use the host PC as a gateway to your LAN or the wider Internet. This requires some changes to the iptables of the host PC (I assume it’s Linux, can’t help you with Windows). The following example allows SSH access both ways to the wider network. Note below enp3s0 is the host’s LAN interface, enp0s29u1u2i19 is the interface to the SW module over USB. You need to use your own device names.

setnat (380 Bytes) setarp (68 Bytes)

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This is great info, I will try that, thank you!

Wow this is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing.