How to interface TFT display with WP8548 module OR any suggestion for touch screen option to be use for interfacing with WP8548


My purpose is to interface touch screen display with wp8548 module for my application.

Can any one suggest me the touch screen display along with its driver and tool which is supportable to MangOH with WP8548 module ?

i am having TFT display with FT800Q chip which is being used in another project. But I am not sure it will also support legato based processor interfacing i.e. mangOH

Please guide me in this regards.

Hi @rups,

seems like the FT800Q is a SPI chip so I think it would be compatible with mangOH/WP85,
Maybe you can ask this on as they hardwares guys are more over there :slight_smile:

ok @CoRfr ,

Thank you. I will post in mangoh forum :slight_smile: