How to install p7zip-full on to MangOH Red board using Legato Dev Studio?

Hi, I am trying to install p7zip-full library on my MangOH Red board with WP7702 module using SSH of Legato Dev Studio, but don’t know what command to use I tried “su apt-get install p7zip-full” it is saying no password to access user apt-get, I don’t understand what is the problem. Pls help me.

You can have a try on this: the yocto source and go to ./meta-swi/meta-swi-mdm9x28/recipes-core/images/

2.add the following line:
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " p7zip"

3.go to ./meta-swi/meta-swi-mdm9x28/conf/machine/swi-mdm9x28.conf
change UBI_ROOTFS_SIZE ?= “48MiB”

  1. Make the yocto image and download to the module

Thanks for the help. Sorry for asking it, where should I download yocto source from where and how. Make the yocto image and download to the module? how? please note I was trying to install p7zip-full from the SSH terminal of dev studio. I am not exactly understanding the steps mentioned by you.

You can download the yocto source of wp77 here

Do you want me to download wp77xx latest firmware? I already have R9.1 and R11, latest is R12. Please note I don’t have MangOH virtual machine, all I am trying is through dev studio.

No, you need to download the yocto source.

Do you mean this " SWI9X06Y_02.32.02.00 Source
(Based on Kernel 3.18 and Yocto 2.5)", but I think you need MangOH VM for it to edit and make the source which I don’t have. Is there any other method where I can install the p7zip through dev studio directly?

Sorry, I don’t know then,

Here has a 7za binary for you to download: