How to generate a process map

I have a complex application that will crash after some time as there’s an illegal address . I’m struggling to find out why, and to do that I need to know what code was being executed when the illegal address was encountered. I have seen a pdf that goes through the steps to find why a Legato application is crashing, however I don’t have a process map.

Please can someone tell me how to generate a process map, or where I can find it if it’s generated by default. I’m using WP76xx tools, so “mksys -t wp76xx abc.sdef”. I will then be able to refer to that and look in the object files to see where it was when the illegal address was used.

Can you attach the pdf

It’s attached on this post: My application is completed whith core dump

Does this help to find process map?

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Thank you - I think that fills the hole in my knowledge! I’m more a deep embedded programmer coming from platforms where these kind of things are fixed. So good to know that Linux tells you this stuff if you know where to look. I should be able to track it down from there.