How to delete the password for root@

Hi forum,

When I updated my legato version to ‘16.10.1_a6a25fbda05738774857dccb9fd76a99_modified’ , and reboot, and opened the SSH terminal, it will ask me to Create my passwords, and I picked the 2 point and created my passwords.

But now I want to delete the passwords. How can I do? thanks.

Hi @lumao

If you’re annoyed by entering the password each time you connect, you should consider setting up SSH keys. This will keep your device secured without breaking your development workflow.
If you really want to delete root password, you need to log in, open a terminal, and use the passwd -d root command.

But please keep in mind security settings the day you’ll start shipping hardware on the field: root account without password just allows anyone with a physical access to your device to do anything with it.

hi daav,
if I del

If I deleted the passwords, is there a way to re_create a new one?


Sure, you can still use the passwd command for that in a terminal, or use the security section in the Details view of DS to define a new one.

Thank you.