How to add a user app to legato application framework


From a user application I want to update the legato application framework. I managed to do that using le_update but the drawback is that my user application is not a part of the legato framework. As a result I am having to install the user application separately.

How to include a user app in the legato application framework build so that when the framework is updated, the user app gets installed and launched automatically?

How about using “bundles” to bring your binary application via legato application.
e.g. add the following in .adef

[r] your_binary.bin /usr/share/



That will not serve the purpose completely. My user application is also a *.update file.

You suggestion would just place the binary in the specified location

how about you modify system.sdef to add your application there?
When you type “make wp85”, your application will be in the build.

Hi Jack,
Should it be default.sdef ?

default.sdef seems does not take effect.
I try to type some rubbish in default.sdef :

// Platform services.

It can still compile with “make wp85”.

That is why I think system.sdef take effect.