How don't lose the config tree in roll-back?

Is there any possibility to do a config tree that it don’t erase the rollback?

@Riegosalz, With the roll-back, you come back to the basic Image.

If you need to keep some custom change, you need to build this basic image (.spk) as is explained here: Legato framework seems to factory reset itself

Hello mehdiALL1,
I need keep the client cnf. And this can change every day (alarm points, telephone numbers, etc). Ours clients change its remotly. If a roll-back happen and this is erased, the device isn’t util

@Riegosalz, I know, but the rollback mechanism doesn’t trigger automatically … it’s happening just when customer do something wrong and prevents legato to work properly

Yes I know. But this happens more than I want. Low batteries, power off and unknown reasons. If the configuration tree was not in the legato folder, only a reboot would be seen.