Help me in working with Arduino and mangOH communication


I have been trying to access the Arduino leonardo board from mangoh board and come to know that there is a bridge application to establish the communication between Primary CF3 module and Arduino. SO any one can help me how to write basic arduino blinking  LED program and dump this program into Arduino incorporated in MangOH board. I reckon there is another way using mini USB cable but i wants to do it from Primary CF3 module.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi sravan123,

The best place to ask mangOH specific questions is in the mangOH forum: [url][/url]


Here: … ication/40

Hi…I also have some problems with communication between arduino and mangoh. I am able to connect and flash the atmega by USB and get some sensors information but I would like to get those information back to the mangOH without using AirVantage or any network.
I cannot find anymore the arduino tutorial draft on the website or the airvantage library and I think this use case wasn’t explained inside anyway.As it is a very common problem i guess the answer is quite simple but I couldn’t find it yet.

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How about this guide?