Have you built an app for Sierra WP in Python?

I am looking for guidance in creating a Legato application written mostly or entirely in Python. While I’ve seen trivial examples, I have yet to find a serious demonstration utilizing the power of Sierra’s APIs from Python.

Can anyone share an example?

Hi @abrothman,

there is not really any python support for Legato yet.
So it would really not be easy to write such an app at the moment.
Support is coming though, but not until 2018.

I did get this response from my contact at Sierra:

The general approach is to use the steps for using Legato services from Legacy apps (Port Legacy C App - Legato Docs). Then use some method of extending Python with C code (e.g. cffi) to make the Legato functions required your script available from Python.

An option is Java to create a stand-alone Legato component (compile with ‘mkcomp -a’) which exported the functions needed by the script. These functions can call into Legato service APIs (and require: api: as usual). Then call these exported functions from the script using a Python interface (e.g. cffi) as above.