GNSS heading is always invalid


I have a mangOH Red with WP7603. running Legato 18.04. I’m trying to get the heading from positioning service, but it always comes up invalid. I’m looking at the code in le_pos.c and a comment says that heading is not supported by the GNSS engine and the code always sets the value to max. Is this due to a limitation of the hardware or are there plans to enable this in the future? Also, is there any other way for me to get the heading values?

Hi @ktanikel,

May I know which API or command you using in your side to get the heading values.

And also please try to use the below command to get the heading value after GPS fix.


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Hi @bharath_08, I’m using the Positioning service API (le_pos) as described here None - Legato Docs to get the heading.

at!gpsloc? always give me ‘Not available’.

HI @ktanikel,
which kind of antenna are you using during this test? is it place outside?
is it “le_pos_GetHeading” which returns out of range ?
can you share with us the sequence of call API and add a legato log?
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