FX30s LTE [WP7702] WIFI access with Talon IOT card

I am trying to integrate Talon IOT Wifi card for our requirement. Base legato system created via developer studio (Windows) and installed. Which by default had services w.r.t Wifi. Further followed the attached application note for initiating the service below are the error displayed,
For client start command,
root@fx30s:~# wifi client start
ERROR: le_wifiClient_Start returns ERROR.

For Access point,
root@fx30s:~# wifi ap start
ERROR:le_wifiAp_Start returns -6.

Kindly requesting missing steps or any document for reference.

2174194_Application Note_FX30 3G Talon IOT Wi-Fi r2.pdf (131.8 KB)

Can anyone help me out.


hi @rajesh.thi,
there are similar topics on the forum, could you please have a look to this one

some steps are described, particularly, check the firmware version, you used, and upgrade it with the latest one.