Debugging IoT wifi module


Hoping someone will have a suggestion for me in regards to the WL18xx on Legato/Yocto.

This is my current version info on a FX30 (WP85xx)

Legato Version: 17.06.0_f83005aa5145d934e8e282fffc8f7f25_modified
Firmware Version: SWI9X15Y_07.11.22.00 r33729 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2017/01/11 18:04:06
Bootloader Version: SWI9X15Y_07.11.22.00 r33729 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2017/01/11 18:04:06
Linux Version: 3.14.29ltsi-a00e464379_3f15cd39ad #2 PREEMPT Mon Feb 20 11:11:17 PST 2017

Following the mangoh docs, I should have high enough versions to support the wl18xx module.

dmesg tells me:

[ 0.395299] wl18xx board initialization done

however, if I try wifi client scan I get:

root@fx30:~# wifi client start
successfully called start.
root@fx30:~# wifi client scan
starting scan
DEBUG: le_wifiClient_GetFirstAccessPoint ERROR

logread gives me:

similar logread output if I try to use the legato wifi client api.

Anywhere I can look? does yocto have something like lspci?

Hi all,

I’m also having problems with this. I get an “SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device” error from ifup wlan0 and:

ERR* failed to write i2c data
FTL* Failed to enable PCA9548A I2C switch

if I run the tiwifi script in /etc/init.d. Needless to say legato gives a ERROR:le_wifiAp_Start returns -6 error from wifi ap start and none of the apps work, like the Web app.

Has anyone managed to get the FX30 working with the wifi IOT card ? I’m using a production FX30 with 16.10.1. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Oh, actually this post has the solution ! Thanks !