FTP Server Implementation in wp7608

Hi,I have installed vsftpd linux ftp server and changed configuration setting of it ,daemon process of vsftpd is running and I tried to connect server but it’s not happen.Same procedure followed in my pc its working fine.
Please suggest is there any dependencies in legato to enable ftp server.
or Any functions to create ftp server via legato application.

busybox-armv5l_1.26 (1.1 MB)
you can use this busybox.

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# cm info
Device: WP7607
IMEI: 359779081234565
FSN: VN730485080103
Firmware Version: SWI9X07Y_02.25.02.01 000000 jenkins 2019/01/30 08:13:05
Bootloader Version: SWI9X07Y_[26750.132998] i2c-msm-v2 78b8000.i2c: NACK: slave not responding, ensure its powered: msgs(n:1 cur:0 tx) bc(rx:0 tx:2) mode:FIFO slv_addr:0x3a MSTR_STS:0x0c1300c8 OPER:0x00000090 000000 jenkins 2019/01/30 08:13:05
MCU Version: 002.011
PRI Part Number (PN): 9908958
PRI Revision: 001.000
Carrier PRI Name: GENERIC
Carrier PRI Revision: 002.056_000
SKU: 1104301
Last Reset Cause: Power Down
Resets Count: Expected: 61 Unexpected: 0
root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT
root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# chmod 777 busybox-armv5l_1.26
root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# ./busybox-armv5l_1.26 tcpsvd -vE 21 ./busybox-armv5l_1.26 ftpd /home
tcpsvd: listening on, starting
tcpsvd: status 1/30
tcpsvd: start 6336