Expanding image breaks ECM / usb

Hi There

I have a Mangoh Red with a wp7502
I have downloaded the yocto tarball (17.12.09) to a ubunto 16.04 machine
I have extended the original mdm9x15-image-minimal.bb recipe with extra packages required for my project.
Because the image grows to big for the original UBI_ROOT_FS i have increased it from 32MiB to 96 MiB in swi-mdm9x15.conf

I also have used the at!apppartchg command to change the partition layout on WP7202

But in my image the ECM (ethernet over usb) functionality is broken.
When I attach the serial console i get the following error messages:
from boot log:
Ifconfig: SIOCGIFLAGS: No such device

I guess would refer to a usb0

and the the swiapplaunch.sh script is constantly complaining:
hostapd does not exist
aplay does not exist
arec does not exist

If i flash with a sirra wireless provided firmware the usb works as intented.

Is there anyone who can help with a sucessfull aproach on expanding the linux image?

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Steps what you are following is correct. hope it has to work with the at command(“at!apppartchg”) as you mentioned.
Whenever we change the partition size with the AT command or otherwise it is recommended that not to change the padding(PAD) size.
While partition we need to take care of changing of padding size.I think you are changing padding size.So my suggetion is not change the padding size.

Also,i think it is required to execute AT!UNLOCK in order to resize.

thanks for the response. I will keep the warning about padding in my backhead.

The cause for my issue was that i had used menuconfig to add a driver for a broadcom wifi dongle.
Menuconfig then for some reason removed the following from defconfig



When i made a patch that applied that again ECM started working

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