Enable/Disable interfaces


I would like to be able to disable/enable HW interfaces on my board (mangoH green).
Not only network interfaces, but also USB/serial/Cellular interface and every other HW interfaces the board has.

In start -

  1. How can I know what’s the status of each HW interface?
  2. Where can I find description of every CONFIG_SIERRA… kernel flag?



Usually all the configurations are done in menuconfig also you can use defconfig.In defconfig all configurations(related to drivers also) are shown which it is supported.If particular interface is enabled then that particular macro will be assigned as “y”. you can refer defconfig.
If you are using wp85 you can see in msm_defconfig and if you are using wp76 you can use mdm9607_defconfig.
Also CONFIG_SIERRA can be found in defconfig(mdm9607_defconfig).

Steps for modifying the menuconfig:

  1. source poky/oe-init-build-env build_bin/
  2. bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig
  3. Pop out a window for selecting configurations.
  4. Save and recompile it.