Duplicated options

My Developer Studio duplicates options/buttons on the top. Does someone know how to resolve it?

Hi @TheGod

Wow… never seen that before.
You can give a try to use the “reset perspective” button of the toolbar, and possibly restart your DS.
If it doesn’t help, my guess is that your workspace is somehow corrupted.
You’ll need to:

  • restart DS
  • when it prompts for a workspace, choose another (and empty) folder
  • import your projects from your old workspace to your new one (File > Import > General > Existing projects into workspace)

Hi @daav
I have just resolved it.

  1. Window > Perspective > Customize Perspective… and uncheck File, Debbuger, Device
  2. Restart Developer Studio
  3. Window > Perspective > Customize Perspective… and check File, Debbuger, Device
  4. Restart Developer Studio