Dataconnection service gives warnings for Default gateway

I use Legato 16.10.3 and WP8548 firmware SWI9X15Y_07.12.09.00.
My testapplication creates a cellular data connection using the DataConnection Service.
I removed all Wifi applications from my target, and I’ve set the first and second technology to CELLULAR.

When my testapplication runs, and I remove the SIM card, the dataconnection gets disconnected, but, my logs show:
dcsServer.c SetDefaultGateway() 1010 | Default gateway or interface is empty
When I put back the SIM card, the dataconnection gets restored, but, my logs show:
dcsServer.c SetModemGateway() 1561 | Could not save the default gateway

How can I solve these issues with the default gateway?

see logs in attachment
logs_20171121.odt (26.0 KB)

I have the same message:

Nov 21 20:50:13 | dcsDaemon[900]/dataConnectionService T=main | dcsServer.c SetModemGateway() 1561 | Could not save the default gateway

I think we can not resolve it. We don’t know if it is first trial to save default gateway. It is not successful because something is not ready and later is saved but message is not display. When I run code below, I receive gateway. I am connected to internet and everything works fine. So I would not worry about the message.

char* GetGatewayAddress()
	char Addr[LE_MDC_IPV4_ADDR_MAX_BYTES] = {0};
	le_mdc_GetIPv4GatewayAddress(ProfileGPRS, Addr, LE_MDC_IPV4_ADDR_MAX_BYTES);
	return Addr;

Right, it seems that it’s just a warning.
Do you have network connectivity once the connection is resumed?


my network connectivity behaves fine, and the function le_mdc_GetIPv4GatewayAddress() returns my gateway address.

Could this be caused by the access towards the route path?

The dcsServer.c file points towards /proc/net/route , but,
in the Legato docs I found sample code which uses another location:
snprintf(systemCmd, sizeof(systemCmd), “/sbin/route add default gw %s”, gatewayAddr);