Building and flashing custom Legato image on WP8548

I need to add to my Legato image some additional layers such as meta-mono and meta-nodejs and flash it on WP8548 device, I did carefully read all te instructions mentioned on, but I still can’t get working device with working system. These are my steps:

1 Download and extract sources from

2 Clone meta-mono and meta-nodejs to meta-openembedded dir

3 I have tried to find file meta-swi-extras/meta-swi-bin/recipes/images/ mentioned in instructions, and I didn’t find it, so I’ve edited script an added these lines:
# Enable the meta-mono layer enable_layer "meta-mono" "$OE/meta-mono"
# Enable the meta-nodejs layer enable_layer "meta-nodejs" "$OE/meta-nodejs"

4 make image

5 After build I’ve got these files in my .../yocto/build_bin/tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x15 dir:

  • appsboot.mbn
  • appsboot.raw
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.2k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.2k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.4k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15-20161223193117.4k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.2k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.2k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.4k.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.4k.initramfs.img
  • boot-yocto-mdm9x15.img
  • kernel
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.4k.yaffs2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.squashfs
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.tar.bz2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.version
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.yaffs2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.2k.default
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.4k.default
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.4k.yaffs2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.squashfs
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.tar.bz2
  • mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.version
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.cpio.gz
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.rootfs.tar.bz2
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.cpio.gz
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.manifest
  • mdm9x15-image-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.tar.bz2
  • modules–3.14.29+git0+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.tgz
  • modules-swi-mdm9x15.tgz
  • rootfs
  • zImage
  • zImage–3.14.29+git0+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-qcom-msm9615-20161223193117.dtb
  • zImage–3.14.29+git0+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.bin
  • zImage-initramfs-3.14.29+gitAUTOINC+a00e464379_b0ce579abb-r0.1-swi-mdm9x15-20161223193117.bin
  • zImage-initramfs-swi-mdm9x15.bin
  • zImage-qcom-msm9615.dtb
  • zImage-swi-mdm9x15.bin

I’ve noticed that rootfs is actually the broken link, and there is no any *.ubi file, so I assumed the rootfs file is mdm9x15-image-dev-swi-mdm9x15.squashfs, its size is 166,6 MB

6 Change size of SYSTEM partition using command
AT!APPPARTCHG=896,128,20096,384,171048,384,36888,2560,20288,1152 to fit my rootfs.

7 Erase old images flash new ones using fastboot

8 After successful flashing I’ve got this core log:
Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!! [10] ERROR: No misc partition found [10] ERROR: Invalid boot image pagesize. Device pagesize: 2048, Image pagesize: 4096 [20] ERROR: Could not do normal boot. Reverting to fastboot mode. [60] udc_start()

What am I doing wrong? Please help.

I think the partition has not found mean 1.there is no proper partition 2.partition may be empty.
probably by taking care of the above 2 points. It will not give the above logs.

Looks like there is no .ubi generation for the dev image.

Only the -minimal one is actively supported, but if you can create a .ubi with the same principle as -minimal, you should be ok.

Also your repartitioning likely messed up the existing filesystems.
I would reflash Release 14 and make sure that it boots with the new partition sizes before trying to go further.