Custom WP76xx serial numer


is there a place in WP76xx to store custom production serial number. We need to store a 11 characters long string.
We could store this in flash memory but I’m looking for some place that is independent on FW update/cleanup etc… is there some data storage available from Modem or other low level modules of WP76xx?


Can you explain what Is this custom production serial number - is it going to be unique for each module or for a particular release flashed in the module.
Also how do plan to update your firmware , which steps are you using.

Hi, thank you for interest.

Serial number should be unique for each module.

We would like to cover all update types .update, .cwe and .spk.

I guess problem is to preserve unique ID over spk updates?


Aleksandar Zivkovic

No answers here…

I have learned that WP76xx has two unique identifiers:

  1. IMEI: e.g. 359780080133022
  2. FSN: e.g. VP838500121110

For IMEI I can see the structure on this article

Does somebody know what is the format of the FSN? I’d expect that it has some production date, model code, some serial number which increments on each sample, some checksum etc…

Hi @aleksandar.zivkovic,

the IMEI structure is generic as you mentioned, while the ‘FSN’ part is a Sierra Wireless ‘Factory Serial Number’, also known as ‘Platform Serial Number’ from the Legato point of view, cf .

Both are unique for one particular device.

I’m not sure at this point that there is a way to flash your own serial number.
You can implement your own API and store it in the config tree, but that’s about it AFAIK.