Can bus support J1939 and KVP2000 at 500kbps with Legato


I have a customer using two CAN bus standards; J1939 for collecting the data and KVP2000 for the control. Can bus is working at 500kbps with 50% of load and customer is asking us if we can support this CAN specifications with Legato.

Now he is testing CAN bus with the IoT card from Talon using a MangOH red.

If we support that CAN bus with Legato then we need a working sample, because the one we provide in the Legato has plenty of errors when compiling . It´s this one “killSwitch” for MangOHred.


hi Isabel,
can you detail the compiled issues you face? may be by sharing your log?

There is a user guide indicating the tests to follow to setup a proper environment for compilation
here they should follow the user guide to install the environment and prepar they system to compile properly

I suggest to address this topic directly into the forum.