Camera with Legato


I would like to build a project using video streaming with my mangOH Red, I’m pretty new to Yocto/Embedded Linux Distribution.
I am currently looking for a Camera (via USB or SPI) that would be easily usable (meaning I would like to avoid building a kernel module).

Have you seen any projects of this kind ? What kind of Camera were used ?

Any tips would be very useful, thanks !

Hi @Spiler,
You can check the following document

This is really useful, thanks @akshaysk for your support !
I am pretty new to this kind of stuff.

I am using a WP77xx module:
If I understood right, I have to download 3 components:

  1. The modem firmware,
  2. The Linux Distro,
  3. The base Legato System
    All taken from here: WP77xx Firmware Release 13 Components

I’ll have to modify the Linux Distro (and only this one component) to integrate a modified version of Gstreamer.

For finally build the new custom spk with the swicwe tool to then push it to my board?

By the way, I can not download the modified gstreamer file linked in the .pdf, do you know elsewhere I can find it ?

The modified gstreamer is for wp75 or wp85 module, not for wp77

That’s weird, in the pdf linked, there is a title : “Gstreamer-1.0 Yocto integration for mdm9x28(WP76/WP77)”

WP76 is linked to mdm9x26 and WP77 is linked to mdm9x06.
Is this from where come the issue ?

Which link are you talking about?
Do you mean gstreamer.tar.gz? That is not for wp77 module

Yes that version of gstreamer.
Is there then another way similar to use gstreamer with WP7702 module ?

As said before, gstreamer.tar.gz is not for wp77 module.
For alterative, you can use ffmpeg:

Really interesting, I’ll try this, thanks for your support.