How to include gstreamer library into Developer studio IDE


I want to use Gstreamer through my application
For this, I need to include gst.h and gst.c into application so as to use its api
How to add library into application ?
There is no any option by right click and settings to add library file in Developer studio.


Gstreamer indeed doesn’t look to be part of the default Linux distribution.
The normal way to get it in is to modify and rebuild the Linux distribution using Yocto, so that:

  • the matching libs are provisioned on the device file system (once you’ve installed your modified Linux image)
  • the libs/headers you need in your code are available in the toolchain built with your modified Linux

I’m not used to do it, but maybe @CoRfr can give some clues on how to modify the Yocto configuration for your specific needs?