3g/4g link for video stream

I intend to use 3g/4g link for video stream for my drone project is there any cellular module with CSI or SPI interface that could connect to camera and establish video link?
any hint is really appreciated

There is no CSI interface but it has SPI interface.
I have also tried some logitech usb camera.

thanks for your reply , can you be more specific for your effort?
unfortunately there is less documents for SPI interface and I’m not sure whether can stream the video while run some other commmand

Are you using spi camera or usb camera?
You can see here for spi usage:

thanks for quick reply but I intend to use bear module and control it by host MCU like ESP32, so it seems the only possible control tools is AT command so I was wondering if it possible to set the SPI camera to enable video streaming while control the other feature module

Not quite sure the role of the wp module in your design …how is the esp32 connecting with camera and wp module?

camera suppose to be connected to cellar module(by USB or SPI) and MCU host like ESP32 just control its feature, I couldn’t find proper AT command for controlling slave SPI or USB devise, perhaps factory firmware not matured enough for those feature,
Also I’ve just read some things about OpenAT but I’m not sure its work like other opensource SDK to develop user needed firmware. I think micoPhyton or Lua are much rich feature that old fashion AT command

For USB camera in WP76, you need to add the following for the USB video driver in ./kernel/arch/arm/configs/mdm9607_defconfig


for SPI, please refer to: