Bug in the firmware, Yocto or my bb file?



I’ve built a Yocto (swi-mdm9x15) image based on the attached bb file.
blackbox.bb.txt (4.1 KB)

I made several modifications in my application and suddendly saw that useradd command didn’t work anymore when flashing the image.
More precisely, users were added to /etc/shadow but not in /etc/passwd not in /etc/group. I tried to reset it, flash a swi-mdm9x15 stock image, reflash my image … Nothing!

Well, as I had a newly bought FX30, I tried to flash my image on it and everything was working, notably I found my added users. … For some days!

Because today I face the same problem as with my first FX30: flashing the image doesn’t “completely” add the users, I find them in /etc/shadow but not in /etc/passwd nor in /etc/group!!

Can anyone explain what happens and how to get it working back ??

I tried a Factory Reset with the button, erase the user partition with FDT. Nothing!

I just noticed that if I execute useradd by hand on the FX30, then I can flash the image and so my files will have the right owner:group. Strange no??



Hi @AlBo,

I think you’re facing an issue because of the union fs, and the fact that when /etc/passwd (and /etc/group is modified, it ends up being stored on /mnt/flash (where the top layer of the unionfs is).

If you update the rootfs (= underlying union fs header), you won’t see the new version because the unionfs is hiding them.

To take your updated version, you can eventually wipe /mnt/flash or just remove these files from the unionfs. That would be in /mnt/flash/ufs/etc/ from memory.



Well my problem today is that I cannot connect to the FX30 anymore via USB, even after flashing the stock SWI9X15Y_07.12.09.00 image !!! (it seems flashing process runs well so USB is working)

So I cannot test anything anymore unless you know a possibility for a very hard reset or something like that.



Hello, the update WP85/WP75 R15 / Legato Recovery Tooling for Windows (5.1.1604.win32-201704191016) allows me to connect back to my FX30, so that’s quite a good news.

But it doesn’t solve the problem with useradd. It’s even worse because with preview version, after creating the user by hand on the target, re-flashing the image correctly set owner:group on concerned files but no more!!!