BLE remote sensor

During Sierra Wireless summit in Paris, there was a demo about BLE remote sensor, and how to enable remote sensors through BLE using Legato and mangoh.
I cannot recollect information about this.

Thank you

Hi @Ludovic,

I think you are referring to the bluetoothSensorTag app that I wrote. If you have any questions about it, they would probably be better answered on the mangOH forum since the code is part of the mangOH project and I don’t check this forum regularly.


Hi, thank you very much, this is it.
Sorry I posted on wrong forum. This is a bit misleading between mangoh, legato and octave …

I want to use my WP7702 based HW using this. I have work to be done as it will be different BLE than mangoh yellow, and not a SDIO interface, but I would like first to be able to build a quick demo with that capability using your HW.

Thank you

A nit pick, the module’s Bluetooth interface is UART, it’s the WiFi which uses SDIO.

Hum, indeed
Sorry I did not yet look in details …
I thought SDIO was used for both WIFI and BLE, but thinking about it, it does not make much sense … :blush:
Thank you