WIFI App in Framework

I have seen the WFI API in the legato.io Framework. But there is no description about the used HW I need for.
Any Information about that?
Do I need a WIFI Frontend with the MAC Layer only or what kind of Modules I can use.
What kind of driver does the App use a general WIFI driver?
So there are many Information I need to understand how it works.
same thing is with bluetooth. is the BT stack on the framework or should i select a module with stack on board?

thanks for you help,

Hi Claus,

the WiFi APIs and samples described in legato.io are generic… hardware agnostic.
To use it on a real hardware, the simplest is to use the reference design {mangOH + WiFi IoT Expansion Card}.

As pre-requisite, it will just request to use the latest release of WP8548/WP750x ([url]http://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/legato/wpfirmwarerelease/[/url]) which is including a Linux Distribution with a native support of WiFi TI WL18xx chipset (the chipset on the WiFi IoT Expansion Card).

A tutorial to Get Started with WiFi IoT Expansion Card is planned to be published on http://mangoh.io very soon (~mid July).