`avcService` with Deactivated SIM

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We’re beginning to build up some back-stock of our WP85 based solution. To date, we’ve activated SIMs and tested them in house, however our customers will soon be activating them after receiving units with SIMs in a deactivated state.

This means our units may be running for some time before they have an active SIM. I’ve observed a few units running without an active SIM and I’ve noticed avcService seems to stop after a few hours for whatever reason. This means applications that require APIs provided by avcService are unable to run as well.

How do we ensure units come online as fast as possible after activation? The actual SIM activation process seems quick (under 10 minutes), but if avcService is not running, our users will not see data until it’s somehow started again.

Any input on this is much appreciated!

The fault action for avcService is to restart. For any reason if the app is stopped it should be restarted again. There are other process which avc depends on. If one of that process is stopped for some reason that could lead to avcService not starting as well. Can you take a quick look at ‘sir list’ and make sure no clients are waiting for a service to become available. Please also post legato logs.

Hey @prushp,

I’ll work on collecting some logs.

I’ve been sure to monitor sdir list as well. avcService is never blocked waiting for a binding.

What circumstances could lead to avcService being stopped at boot? That seems almost impossible given that it should be restarted on fault.

If there is a broken dependency such as a missing library file could prevent avcService from starting up on boot.

Thanks Prush. I don’t think this is the case since it runs for some time before eventually stopping. I’ll dig into this a bit more and post what I find.

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do you have additional information share about this topic?
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