atServer linked to USB AT interface

I’m using only the USB interface of the WP7702 and am looking to add my own AT commands to do some basic settings, e.g. connection address, etc. while keeping the normal AT commands available.

I’ve found the atServer API, however it requires you to link it to an interface, and I can’t find which to use if I want to add my own commands to that interface. Is this even possible?

Does this help?

It looks like they’re using the raw uart over USB port and then bridging that to /dev/ttyAT, I think that would serve my purpose. I’m going to look into it a bit deeper tomorrow, but it looks promising.

It took a little longer than hoped but that got it working. I have run into a separate issue where if you use /dev/ttyAT for anything else (e.g. an atClient or microcom when SSH-d in everything breaks, but i suspect the solution to that is to just not do that.