Are PushRecord Time Series Persistent over reboots

Hi I am just trying to figure out if I can use the Push Record to hold data during reboots/device offline but I am unclear on a few things?

  1. Where does the le_avdata_PushRecord Go? Is it file system or a queue in RAM is it persistent?

  2. If the device is offline for a while do the Records all get automatically pushed by the AV service when the device comes back online or do you have to push them manually again?

  3. On the Legato Docs it says Push Record then right after Delete record does this just delete your applications reference (Or does it stop the Record Being sent if the device is offline)? Does the Record still exist in the AV service?

Thank you

  1. Seems like this is just a queue of records so not persistent
  2. From the code it seems like you have to do this yourself it just stores the data
  3. It seems Reset Record gets called which deletes the record