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An area to discuss the new style of IDE for Legato Development. Please post your feedback and any issues you run into. The Legato Plugin is still in a Preview state and we are actively developing new features.

I am starting with the FX30S and evaluating the possibility of using vscode over the classic shell commands for leaf. I am struggling a bit on converting some mqtt examples from the github as the structure of the folders seems quite different. Is there any documentation I can refer to? As there is no much available more then the tutorial on how to install the plugin on vscode…

I have realized that I was using obsolete code, now I am referring to this:

I can build a basic app for the FX30, compiled and installed, it runs ok.
Next would be to create an app for publishing to AWS IoT Core, so I have created the app and code following what was on the repository, when I try to compile I get the following errors:

error: unknown type name ‘mqtt_SessionRef_t’; did you mean ‘le_msg_SessionRef_t’?
mqtt_SessionRef_t MQTTSession;

so I am missing the definition of the struct, which should be provided by the mqtt.api in the mqttClient, my question is how is this included in vscode?